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Plum is the taste of Bac Ha

Bac Ha plumComing to Bac Ha District in Lao Cai Province this season, tourists will be impressed with the colorful costumes of H’Mong ethnic people, the horses’ neighs and screams of mountainous pigs intermingled with the sounds of hammers on the fire of blacksmiths. But, more importantly they will have a chance to enjoy Tam Hoa plums, a tasty specialty of the district.




Bac Ha - the "White plateau"

It's something of a shame, because to the east of Lao Cai city lies the other half of the province. The ground soars upwards again, to the peaks of the Chay River Massif, where the town of Bac Ha is to be found, 66km by road, at 700m above sea level.

Bac Ha is a 'little Sapa', and while it's much less developed for tourism, it's in an ideal location for off-the-beaten-track treks to visit colourful weekly markets.


Fairy Mountain

From the north of Si Ma Cai district to Bac Ha township and at the height of over 1,000m, you will see Fairy mountain alone.
A legend told that in the old days, there were a man and his daughter going to Pac Kha market (present Bac Ha market). Upon arrival, his daughter was seriously ill. Her father managed by all means to save her daughter but failed.



Our features

  • Room service
  • Restaurant - drinking bar
  • Laundry
  • Comferences room.
  • Free Wifi-internet
  • Massage and sauna
  • Local tour guide
  • Tour organization - free information
  • Pick up at Lao Cai train station

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