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Fairy Mountain

From the north of Si Ma Cai district to Bac Ha township and at the height of over 1,000m, you will see Fairy mountain alone.
A legend told that in the old days, there were a man and his daughter going to Pac Kha market (present Bac Ha market). Upon arrival, his daughter was seriously ill. Her father managed by all means to save her daughter but failed.


Too sorrow and disappointed, he was forced to use rocks to bury his daughter and then went to a nearby village to ask for some incense sticks to burn and warm up his daughter. Sympathizing for the man, the local people had contributed money and climbed up themountain to held burial rites for his daughter. When the incense stick was half burned, the girl woke up as though she was had just experienced a sleep. She told that she had met Bodhisattva who recommended her to worshipping work in the land of the living and then took her back to life. Everyone was surprised, raised their eyes to the sky and saw a five color cloud above. Found that it was a good omen and to express his gratitude towards the Bodhisattva for saving his daughter life, the man and local villagers had hired some people to build a small temple on cliff at a height of two ranges of tree over the earth's surface and sculpt a statue of the Bodhisattva to worship. Annually, on the 19th day of September, the local villagers went there to pray the Bodhisattva for good omens

Our features

  • Room service
  • Restaurant - drinking bar
  • Laundry
  • Comferences room.
  • Free Wifi-internet
  • Massage and sauna
  • Local tour guide
  • Tour organization - free information
  • Pick up at Lao Cai train station

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