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Double room

Quantity: 6

Room has 35m2, two beds 1,5m width with windows look down to the town and screneries. Feeling relaxed comfort with shower (rain shower).






Triple room

Quantity: 4

Triple roomTriple room has 35m2with three beds are 1,2m width. It's good for customer who has family or a group of three.





Twin room

Quantity: 20
Twin roomTiwn room has 35m2 with full facilities suitable for domestic and foreign visitors come with family and friends. .





V.I.P room

Quantity: 5

 V.I.P roomV.I.P room has 38m2, spacious with a queen size bed and a single bed, fully equipped modern interior. Warm in winter with heating system in the room, and cooler than the air conditioning system. Fresh fruit and drinks will be served daily.




Our features

  • Room service
  • Restaurant - drinking bar
  • Laundry
  • Comferences room.
  • Free Wifi-internet
  • Massage and sauna
  • Local tour guide
  • Tour organization - free information
  • Pick up at Lao Cai train station

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